What year proof sets are most valuable?
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What year proof sets are most valuable

BE from 1973 to 1979. Collectors will find several varieties to hunt. Most notable is the 1973 Roosevelt cent without the S, which is arguably the most valuable modern American coin. Several are currently known. In the past 35 years, only one illustration has been sold at auction.

What is 1976 proof set worth

1976 MNH set, US proof
The kits were offered for an initial $7 entry fee. The circulation was certainly a retail price of 4,149,730, which remains the highest circulation for almost any proof to date.

Are proof coins worth money

Rarity: Proof coins tend to be less common than uncirculated cash, making them more valuable to collect. Proof of Advantage: Coins are generally considered to be more profitable (but this is not always the case). Condition: Proof coins are in exceptional condition and are generally completely devoid of any artifacts.

Are proof sets worth anything

Cost of US Trial Kits The cost is roughly the same as the Promedio price that US dealers charge for these items. The values ??are very dependent on the condition of the respective part. If the bill were more attractive, the coin could be worth a lot more! Coin class information, such as vf and xf. Mintmarks such as D and S. Modern US Proof Sets 1936 – Overview

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Are proof sets worth collecting

Ultimately, it’s about whether or not to collect something in numismatics and enjoy the value you see when you actually collect it. If you like Proof Sets, then to hell with torpedoes and collect Proof Sets! If you are looking for them in terms of investment, they may not be the best path for you if you do not focus on key time frames and error sets.

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Are proof coin sets worth anything

Are Test Coin Sets Really Worth Something? Trial sets issued from 1961 to 1964 are the most common examples of pre-1965 trial frames and are often sold at par above the spot value of silver. Deep cameos from this era are valuable and often give many chances to mark standard signal fragments.

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