What are 1976 proof sets worth?

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Are proof sets worth collecting

Ultimately, what matters is the evaluation of the restoration of something in numismatics, which can appreciate the value you see in trying to do it. If you like Proof Sets, then to hell with torpedoes and collect Proof Sets! If you look at it from an investment perspective, people are probably not the best way to go unless you focus on hard data and error sets.

Are proof sets worth anything

Values ??in US trial sets. The value is approximate. average price next to US dealers selling these parts. The values ??largely depend on the exact condition of the parts. If all ratings were higher than xf, their coin could be worth a lot more! Coin classification information prefers vf and xf and mintmarks D and S. Modern American proof sets 1936–present.

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Are proof coin sets worth anything

Are Proof coin sets worth anything? The proof sets from 1961 to 1964 are the most common of the pre-1965 proof sets and often trade at minimal premiums to silver’s spot value. Deep cameos from this period can also be valued at prices often well above standard cash.

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What proof sets are worth the most

Incidentally, 2012 proofs are the most expensive of any 12-month-old product made in the US since 1999. The silver version with 14 coins costs about twice as much, or $240.

How much are 1982 proof sets worth

These sets retailed for $12 in 1982 and are currently available on the resale market for about $3.50. So buy this beautiful set now for yourself or as a gift. 5.0 stars for technique Excellent

What are 1976 proof sets worth

Pieces in a set: 6.
Face value: $1.91.
Initial issue price: $7.00.
Circulation: 4,149,730 copies.

Are proofs worth anything

Trial coins are almost always of such a high value that they can be more than significant (when subtracting other numismatic coins, for example due to key dates, errors, etc.) compared to untested and uncirculated similar types. The virtual premium is higher for polypropylene silver coins than for polypropylene sterling silver coins.

What proof sets are most valuable

Trial sets from 1973–1979 offer several hunting options for collectors. Most notable is the 1975 Roosevelt Dime One Person without S, which is arguably the most valuable modern American coin in existence. Of the most common, only two are known.

What year proof sets are most valuable

Evidence packages from 1973 to 1979 contain photographs of the various strains you can find. Most notable is the 1975 Roosevelt penny, minus the S, which is arguably one of the most valuable contemporary domestic coins in the United States.

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