What is a 1972 proof set worth?
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What is the value of a 1971 proof set

The packets were placed between two compressed papers and inserts placed in a white envelope marked “1971-UC”. thanks to the address of the treasure return service. 1971 coin set information Mintage: 2,193,396 Coins per set: 11 Side: Value $1.83 Original issue price: $3.50.

What is the value of 1970 United States proof set

-S Early 70’s US Proof Set, original US Mint government packing box. $18.49. Free shipping. SPONSOR. 1970 Lincoln Rare Toning Bullseye Proof. 180 USD. Shipping $4.45. or maybe a better deal. UNITED STATES 1970 PROFESSIONAL SET NEW CONDITION. 5 USD. 7 ratings. $6.00 shipping. Ends June 6 at 3:56 PM PT at 9:42 PM.

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Are proof sets worth anything

Proof States Set Values ??The value is no doubt approximately the average price that dealers on our site sell these coins for. The values ??are highly dependent on the state associated with the parts. If the banknote can be better than xf, the coin will be worth a lot more! close to coin quality like vf plus xf and mint marks like D and S modern 1936 American proof sets – no hesitation

Are proof sets worth collecting

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to collect numismatics depends on how valuable the person you see there is. If you love Evidence Packs, launch torpedoes and collect Evidence Packs! If you look at them from an investment standpoint, it’s definitely not the best way to work unless you focus on key instances and failure sets.

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What is a 1972 proof set worth

1972 U.S. Trial Coin Set
The US Mint sold separately a 40 percent silver version of the 1972-S Eisenhower dollar. The face value of change in the 1972 trial set was 91 cents, although the collections sell for $5 each.

Are proof sets worth anything

Individual 1970 sets offer at least two types of valid proof, including the 1970-S Light Date Proof Lincoln Cent, which is around $35. Also in 1970, the Roosevelt cent appeared on another No. S proof. A 1970 Roosevelt dime without the S was worth between $600 and $2,500 when shipped.

Are proof sets worth more than face value

Thus, the prices of regular standard sample sets from the 1970s and 1980s are falling. For example, many dealers will pay around $1.80 for a 1980s trial set, less than the $1.91 face value of most coin sets.

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