What are 1972 proof sets worth?
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What are 1972 proof sets worth

Pieces in the set: 5.
Face value: $0.91.
Initial issue price: $5.00.
Edition: 3 260 996.

Are proof sets worth anything

The 1970-Proof offers at least two valuable proof options, including a small-date Lincoln Cent 1970-S that costs about $35. Also in the early 1970s, No-S-Proof S Roosevelt pennies appeared.

What is the value of a 1973 proof set

With the addition of the coin, the face value of the pair increased to $1.91 and the issue price of the dollar increased to $7. The higher price seems to have affected sales as the coins dropped to 2,760,339. The packaging of the proof boxes has changed since 1973.

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What is the value of 1970 United States proof set

-S Proof Set 1970 US Mint, original government packing box. $18.49. Free shipping. SPONSOR. 1970 Lincoln bombing Rare Bullseye Toning. 180 USD. Shipping $4.45. or best offer. 1970 UNITED PROOF USA PERFECT NEW CONDITION. 5 USD. 7 commandments. $6.00 shipping and handling. June at 3:56 pm PT at 9:42 pm.

What is the value of a 1971 proof set

The packages were placed between several cardboard liners and placed in a very white envelope marked “1971-UC”. with a return address from the Ministry of Finance. Information about the ’71 parts set. Circulation: 2,193,396 copies per set: page 11 Cost: $1.83. Initial issue price: $3.50.

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Are proof sets worth anything

US Proof Sets Values ??The value is approximately equal to the average price that dealers sell us these items for. The values ??of hostility are very dependent on the grade of a particular coin. If the banknote is higher than xf, the coin can be worth a lot more! Information on coin classifications such as vf and xf and mintmarks such as D and S, modern US assay sets from 1936 to present.

Are proof sets worth collecting

Ultimately, the decision to collect something in numismatics reduces the value everyone sees in it. If you like individual sets, collect torpedoes and sets! Proof When one looks at this from a specific investment perspective, unless you really focus on key data and chess sets, it’s probably not our best path.

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