What is Yodlee PayPal?
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How does the Yodlee money service work

The Yodlee Money service allows you to share certain personal accounts with other users. You are responsible for deciding with whom you share your personal data and for carefully defining your permissions for each individual recipient.

What financial documents does Yodlee provide

Document Yodlee provides access to end user financial documents, primarily available to financial institutions as PDF documents, for example. Tax computer data, monthly reports, etc. This entry is usually useful for meeting compliance preferences in cases such as asset swaps and loans.

How do I know if a bank is supported by Yodlee

You can check if a bank is supported by logging into the Envestnet Yodlee Bank Feeds service. The banker will appear in the list if supported by Envestnet Yodlee.

What is money Yodlee

Yodlee is the leading provider of secure, personalized online PFM services in the US, 85% of which is industry-sourced, with over 20,000 customers at major banks and collection agencies.

What is Yodlee PayPal

(“Yodee”) to access third party websites you designate, to receive information requested by you or on your behalf as needed, and from PayPal to verify your bank accounts.

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What happened to Yodlee

In 2000, Yodlee merged with its main competitor in web data aggregation, Atlanta-based VerticalOne, formerly owned by SecurityFirst, a consumer internet banking company.

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