How do you say worth to mention?
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How do you use worth mention in a sentence

It is worth noting that if you definitely have a problem with lime in your good teapot, your camellia should be properly watered with lime-free rainwater. Most of us have played other local sounds, but nothing to mention here.

How do you say worth to mention

outstanding; outstanding; enter the amount.

Is worth mentioning correct

The first place, “Notable, can be described as such”, is acceptable. The second, “it’s worth mentioning,” is incorrect. We could fix this by saying: pay attention to what the experts say.

Is it worth or worthy

“Worthy” is usually used to describe valuable people positively, and then “worthy” is used to compose objects and experiences. These words are also clearly two different parts of speech and therefore cannot be used interchangeably.

Is it worthy of or worthy for

senior member. Okay, the sentence at the beginning is “It’s worthy of someone to practice something.” simply means the same thing for the reason that “someone is worthy to help you do something”, only with the reflection “do something” instead of “do something”.

Do we say worthy cause or worthy course

A matter worthy of eye, help, or action, because of the great innate goodness of value or reason. The lawyer decided to waive my wife’s fee because she thought the young man’s case was acceptable.

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What is the meaning of worthy worthy

1a: having value or a: conspicuous value worthy thing. : worthy, honorary and deserving candidates. 2 – having sufficient or outstanding merit to be recalled.

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Is it worthy to note or worthy of note

An excerpt from Longman’s Dictionary of Modern Britons worthy/deserving of notable attention, or interesting and desirable special attention? Three of the hottest novels are notable and deserve special mention. note Examples of Notable/Notable Corpus• But the miners’ anger over the continued deterioration…

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