What does ‘words of gold’ means?

1. an element, a precious yellow metal used for making jewellery etc. This watch is made of gold ; (also adjective) a gold watch. 2. coins, jewellery etc made of gold. 3. the colour of the metal. the shades of brown and gold of autumn leaves; (also adjective) a gold carpet.

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What word means gold

wear gold.

What does the phrase gold mean

great prosperity. “While it was designed for what, in fact, all virtues are now sold for, and almost all vices are almighty gold,” Ben Jonson. golden adjective. something like this if you want shiny or precious metal or superiority etc. “The kid thought it was worth its weight in gold”; “She has a heart of gold.”

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What does gold mean in text

noun – uncountable
everything is great. These bachelorette party photos are worth their weight in gold.

What word means the same as gold

Words and phrases for Gold/Golden
Gold. auric. wear gold. gold-bearing.

What words describe gold

You see, the price paid to the government for the privilege of doing something (like buying alcohol or practicing medicine) strengthens their luminous mineral, which is plastic dioxide in crystalline form; present in the largest rocks (in particular, in sandstone and granite); gray sand – quartz with impurities of jellied iron oxide

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What does ‘words of gold’ means

something like this to make sure you have a shiny or precious metal or maybe excellent etc. A heavy yellow large metal of great value with a base number and symbol 79 Au. Etymology: from gulþan, ?????tom from. Old Frisian related gold, Old Saxon precious metals, Old High German gold (German gold), Old Norse gold, seagull (Swedish gold), Dutch gold, Gothic.

What are famous phrases with the word gold

To see a penny and move it forward, you will bring good luck all day; you will see and/or leave a penny, you will be unlucky all day
I don’t see anything surprising, I don’t hear evil, I rarely speak evil.
seeing is believing
Seek and you will find
Use the thief to catch the new thief
Distant hills shine
Seat feathers have full pockets
(Speech is silver but) Silence is usually golden
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What words can you make with gold

9-letter words that start with golden field
golden stone
golden eye
gold plating
gold bar
golden coat of arms
golden finnish
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