Why is silver so much more expensive than copper?

One of the main reasons why the price is so low is that the supply is huge. It’s estimated that there’s around 20 times more silver on the earth than gold. It’s easier for companies to mine it, and that’s not even all the silver in the world. There’s also scrap metal and stored silver.

The demand. Although we no longer use silver like we used to, we still need this precious metal for many things.
Endless Supply. Think about it – the price would be much higher if the demand were so big that the supply couldn’t match it.
Purpose and Use.
Government-owned Silver.
Savings (Interest) Rates.
The Value of Gold.

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Why silver is not a good investment

First, the price of silver is actually often more volatile than other trading options such as stock quotes. This means that the value is likely to rise or fall quickly and unpredictably, which can lead to a decline if you are not careful. Also, I would argue that silver prices can be especially unpredictable.

Is silver still worth buying

Compared to other commodities hitting new highs in 2021, silver is still generally undervalued. At the time of this writing, the price of silver is almost halfway to its all-time high of 2011. This makes silver the most undervalued asset in culture today, even when other instruments such as prices and stocks are taken into account.

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Why Silver is a better buy than gold

Electrical conductivity. It is mentioned that silver has the best electrical conductivity among the elements.
Silver also has antimicrobial properties.
Medicine – therefore, silver will definitely be in high demand in the medical field.
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Why is silver so much more expensive than copper

Since ancient civilization, gold has had real symbolic meaning and value to everyone from the Egyptians to the Incas, I would say.
In addition, gold was used as a store of value as well as precious jewelry.
We all know that gold has been and will be valuable. It’s a social construct

Why buy silver instead of gold

Silver is the second most important commodity after oil.
Money is indeed cheap enough for a dominant man to buy.
Gold is precious, there is no abandoned money. Are
no more large reserves of gold and silver. gold
attitude to money 1:66.
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Why does gold cost more than silver

Melting Pleasure (basic fin stat included in stats
aesthetic coin)
Historical features
year of issue
The class or condition of the entire product
rarity or rarity

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