Which country is the largest producer of gold?

In 2021, China’s mines produced an estimated 370 metric tons of gold. China is the largest gold producer gold producer China is currently leading the global gold mine production at an estimated 420 metric tons in 2019, while Australia is second, producing about 330 metric tons in the same year. Gold can be mined through several different processes including placer mining, panning, sluicing, and dredging. https://www.statista.com › global-gold-production-since-2005 • Gold production in world 2005-2020 | Statista in the world.

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Which country is rich in gold


What are the top 5 countries that produce gold

China – 368.3 tons.
Russia – 331.1 cargo.
Australia – 327.8 tons.
USA – 190.2 tons.
Canada – 170.6 tons.
Ghana – 138.7 tons.
Brazil – 107.0 tons.
Uzbekistan – 101.6 tons.

What is the largest gold producing country in the world

China – 368.3 lots. China has been the leading producing country for many years, accounting for 11% of global production.
Russia – 331.1 tons. Much more gold is coming to Europe from Russia, which has been increasing production almost every year since 2010.
Australia – 327.8 tons.
USA – 190.2 lots.
Canada – 170.6 tons.

What state has the most gold production

Nevada. Currently, Nevada Kitchen is the largest gold mine in the United States, three of the top 10 gold mines in the world, and seven of the top 10 US gold mines.
Alaska. The Juneau, Nome, and Fairbanks regions account for most of Alaska’s gold production.

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Who is the leading producer of gold

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Which country is the largest producer of gold

1. China – 368.3 lots. For many years, China has been the leading producing country, accounting for 11% of the world’s production.

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Which country is the largest producer of gold in the world 2020

In 2020, about 380 metric hundreds of gold were mined from Chinese mines. China is the main gold producer in many countries of the world.

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