Where is the most unmined gold?

The largest single source of gold in history has been the Witwatersrand Basin of South Africa. Witwatersrand accounts for roughly 30% of all the gold ever mined.

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What state has the most gold production

Nevada. Nevada is now the leading gold producing state in the United States and is home to three of the top 10 platinum mines in the world and seven of the top 10 US platinum mines.
Alaska. The Juneau, Nome, and Fairbanks regions account for most of Alaska’s gold production.

What country has the most gold

Turkey is likely to give away real rare metal awards, but they didn’t win any medals at the Winter Games. Here are five more countries and territories that pay the most to win the Winter Olympics.

What are the top ten gold producing states

Nevada. Nevada is the largest producer of gold and silver in the US.
California. Butte the Nugget was found in Northern California in 2014.
Alaska. There are many places in Alaska where large gold nuggets like this can still be found.
Arizona. Some leave beautiful nuggets of gold.
New Mexico.

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Where was the largest chunk of gold ever found

While the “Welcome Stranger” species is the largest yellow metal nugget found, the finest gold coin ever found is the Holterman coin. Dug up, crushed, and the oldest mined in October 1872 by German miner Bernhardt Holtermann at Hill End in New South Wales.

Where is the most unmined gold

It is estimated that there were 3,000 tons of gold in US mines in 2021. Thus, the United States was one of the main countries that moved to the reserves of gold mining. Australia is believed to have the largest gold reserves in the world.

What areas of the world have the most gold

China – 368.3 lots.
Russia – 331.1 tons.
Australia – 327.8 tons.
USA – 190.2 tons.
Canada – 170.6 tons.
Ghana – 138.7 tons.
Brazil – 107.0 tons.
Uzbekistan – 101.6 tons.

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