Where did figs originate on the Silk Road?
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Where did gold and silver come from on the Silk Road

This gives us a very interesting insight into how currencies got into circulation in conjunction with trading. Two important currencies were used along the Silk Road: the silver drachma of the Sasanian Empire (Neo-Persia) and the metal solidus of the Byzantine Empire (Eastern Rome).

Why was gold traded on the Silk Road

The rich and powerful reward huge sums of gold in the market. It is estimated that ancient Rome exported up to one hundred and thirty tons (143 tons) of gold annually to buy silk. Silk was an ideal commodity for the automobile trade. Since the carrying capacity of the caravan was limited, its products had to be light and expensive.

Where did precious metals come from on the Silk Road

In fact, China was the first country to promote sericulture and silk production. Zhang Qian (Han Dynasty) brought silk and valuable items such as gold, platinum, bronze, and ironmongery to India and even to Europe. Other things produced by the Chinese were lacquerware, housework, bamboo cultivation, and metalworking techniques.

When was gold traded on the Silk Road

In his significant chronicle of trade along the Silk Road in 1271, he reported that gold was diverted to the east, while exotic luxuries such as spices and silk flowed to the east, “west.” He also brought the concept of fiat currencies from Kublai Khan’s design.

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How did the trade of silk impact culture along the Silk Road

The Silk Road contributed not only to the return of goods, but also of culture. For example, Buddhism, one of the religions associated with the Kushan kingdom, reached China. Besides trading caravans, Buddhist monks from India, Central Asia and especially China wandered around and preached an interesting religion.

Where did horses originate on the Silk Road

The associated use of horses as cavalry mounts probably became widespread in the 1st half of the 1st century BC. From western Asia to the east.

Where did figs originate on the Silk Road

Figs Arrive in China Figs probably successfully entered eastern China shortly after the Islamic conquests along the Silk Road when we first hear of figs in China around 700 AD. during the Tang Dynasty, and then about men and women. Women in China call figs by the Arabic name “tin”.

When a glass rod is rubbed on the silk cloth electrons are transferred from glass rod to silk cloth Why are electrons not transferred from silk cloth to the glass rod

When their glass is rubbed with each silk cloth, opposite charges appear on them as electrons are transferred from the glass to the silk. This project does not create a load or it is broken. It is simply transferred from one particular body to another. Therefore, this interesting observation is compatible with the law of conservation of charge.

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