When did US Mint start selling proof sets?

Beginning in 1992, the Mint began producing proof sets with the cupronickel denomination replaced by specimens struck with the pre-debasement composition: coin silver, or 90% Ag and 10% Cu. All of the quarters released in any one year of a series since 1999 are also struck in silver.

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When did proof sets start

Proof sets were first minted in 1964 at the Philadelphia Mint. In 1942, two additional official coins were issued: a regular set of five gold coins and a set of beautiful nickel-plated military silver. US cash was devalued from 1965, sets continued as US Mint Proof Sets.

Are proof sets worth anything

The values ??associated with US Proof Sets Grade are approximately the average price at which US dealers often sell SE parts. The values ??largely depend on the quality of the parts. If this rating is higher than often, the xf coin can be worth a lot more! Coin classification information favors vf and xf, and mintmarks such as D and S. Modern US assay sets 1936–present.

Are proof sets worth collecting

Ultimately, with the desire to collect something for numismatics comes the joy you see in doing so. If you love Proof Sets, go ahead and get some torpedo and collect Proof Sets! If you look at it from an investment perspective, it’s probably not the best way to go if you focus on key dates and error bars.

When did US Mint start selling proof sets

The US Mint began coordinating assay sets and common sense in 1936 directly for collectors. These first trial sets were available and collectors only bought each coin on an old order to receive a complete set each year.

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What years did they make proof sets

The United States began producing proof coins as early as the 1850s, but some were actually minted before 1856. All trial sets from 1936 to 1972 contained a cent, a nickel, a nickel, a quarter, and fifty percent of a dollar. From 1936 to 1955, all textbooks were published in small paper boxes.

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What year proof sets are most valuable

Trial groups produced from 1973 to 1979 allow several collectible varieties to pursue goose down. Most notable is the 1974 Roosevelt No-S cent, which is arguably the most modern and valuable silver coin in the United States. Only two are currently known. In each of our last 35 years, only one study has been auctioned.

What is a 1969 proof set worth

The set can be purchased today on the popular eBay website for less than $7. The real value of silver plated half dollars today is literally around $2.40, which means the remaining coins from the list but with face value, as well as numismatic collectibles.

Are proof sets worth more than mint sets

As with silver trial sets, each of these prices today is nominally similar to early 1980s levels, but is typically less than 50% of their former value due to the cost of living. The earlier trial sets and the newer sets weren’t much better. For example, at One 1980, you could buy a real 1950 proof set for $700.

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