What is the price of gold this month?
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What is highest price of gold in history

In 2020, we see a significant increase in the price of gold. The highest price in the history of gold was actually $2,032.16 per ounce and was reached on August 7, 2020.

What is the price of gold this month

General information. The price of gold is currently at its current level of 1936.86 compared to 1947.83 last month and 1760.04 a year ago. This deviation is -0.56% compared to the previous month and 10.05% compared to the previous year.

What are the current gold prices

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What is the current price of gold

the current price of gold is 3.51% and 6.26% below the main 20-day and 50-day simple moving averages, respectively. The relative strength index (RSI, currently 14) shows 59.17 while the 7-day volatility ratio is 2.18% and 2.84% on the 30-day chart. Farther

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What is the current cost of gold

When monthly interest rates are high, people usually come back for more money by selling gold and earning high interest to fund it. This lowers the price of gold and silver. On the other hand, when interest rates are low, as they are all over the world, gold and silver prices should rise.

How much does gold cost right now

Converting gold units for Price Today. transformation. Gold price (spot). troy ounce? 31.10 grams. The price of gold for 1 gram. $59.78. 1 Troy? oz. 0.031 kg. Gold Price for 1 kilogram.

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