What is early Russian silver?

Russian silver is a broad and varied collectible, spanning several centuries and a range of ornate motifs and designs. And demand for it, particularly for 19th-century “Slavic revival” pieces, is ever on the rise.

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What is early Russian silver

There is ancient Russian silver of the pre-Petrine period (1682-1725), I mean only samples of ancient Russian silver with Russian appliqué (such as a ladle, brother, additional glass).

Is Russian silver real sterling silver

While many Russian items claim to be made from British pounds, they are not actually considered to be British pounds. Russian money is based on the Zolotnik paradigm, which consists of many titles, ranks or chastity.

Is this Persian silver the same as Russian silver

Persia was at a certain time a vassal place of Russia and, like the Russians, minted its own silver treasuries. Persian, this precious silver is often seen on eBay as Russian silver. But the sentences are not Cyrillic, they are in Efarsi-like (similar to Arabic) and the general look of this money has always been very oriental.

What is the base number of Russian silver

The base or 100% net amount was 96, which was called the Spool. An item marked 84 can be made of pure silver 84/96 or 0.875. Other numerical signs that can be found on Russian money are eighty-eight (0.9166 in pure form) and 91 (0.9479). Russian silverware was usually a bargain.

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What purity is Russian silver

88 The Russian spool has a fine silver equivalent to a thousandth fineness of the 916th fineness [6]. In addition to 91.66% pure silver, the alloy contains 8.34% copper or many metals.

How is Russian silver marked

Silver standard sign – two numbers in a rectangle, indicating the brilliance or purity of silver in spools; 62, 72, 74, 76, 82, 84, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91 and 94 have all been used in the second or single, 84 and later versions since 1798. The sign of the city is, first of all, the device of the coat of arms with the indication of the city.

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