What are 3 things gold used for?

Gold is one of the most highly-desired and useful metals in the world. Not only can it be beautifully shaped and sculpted, the precious yellow metal conducts electricity and does not tarnish. These qualities make it the metal of choice for the industrial, medical and technology industries, just to name a few.

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What are 10 uses of gold

dentistry. Due to its malleability and non-toxicity, gold has been used in dentistry for over 3,000 years.
In space.
Food and drinks.
cosmetics and beauty.
computer electronics.
Cell phones.
make glass.

What are 3 things gold used for

Dentistry and Medicine: Gold is thought to be best for cavities and crowns, bridges, and other orthodontic appliances because the iron rods are malleable and can easily be shaped.
Electronics and IT:
Medals then statues:

What is the best use of gold

KEY FINDINGS Investing in gold can be a good addition to a portfolio, including the purchase of gold coins, bars and jewelry.
Many places even have ATMs to exchange gold for cash.
You can also learn about investing in gold indirectly through gold exploration stocks or mutual funds, with ETFs following the glow price.

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What are the disadvantages of gold

Liquidity. Investing in gold is a game of patience; Gold is a suitable investment in the long run, but please note that it is a viable option for holding funds.
Huge capital has been one of the troubling disadvantages of investing in gold.
Gold investment returns are unlikely to be higher. investments
Gold needs security and insurance.

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Is gold bad for health

Gold is literally a natural mineral that is non-toxic, does not interact with a number of drugs, and is easily tolerated by the body. Also, there are no side effects from wearing gold. Blood flow. Use gold to improve circulation, which in turn regulates the supply of much-needed oxygen to every part of the body.

What should I do with gold

Yamana Gold Inc. will publish its quarterly results for October between 28 and 4 November. However, it is important to remember that the dividend collection rate is just a metric and should only be used as a guideline.

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