Does Wefunder require SSN?

Wefunder seems to get positive reviews, especially from independent reviewers who support the actions they have taken to change the legal requirements for investing so they can include a larger percentage of the population. Competitors and Alternatives?

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Is Wefunder worth it

The few reviews I’ve seen about Wefund have been overwhelmingly positive overall. Low minimum investment requirements (only $100!) are seen as a way to attract the largest number of investors to an individual campaign.

How much does Wefunder charge for CF investments

For Reg CF investments, Wefunder charges investors up to 2% of their minimum investment (i.e. $7; maximum $75). They also charge the company up to 6% of most of the total funding (4% in resources, 2% in some equity or capital raising justifications).

What is the Wefunder provision

Wefund is using part of the 2012 JOBS Act, which allows non-accredited investors to acquire real estate equity early in private ventures. Wefund was founded in 2012 by Nick Tommarello, Mike Norman and Greg Belote.

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Can Wefunder be trusted

Wefund offers non-accredited investors with limited capital an easy and fantastic way to invest in some of the early stage startups they are passionate about. But it’s not without risk. Many or all of the products contained herein are affiliated with us and will indemnify us.

Can you make money off of Wefunder

The amount you can create depends on the type of commodity contract offered by the company. There are four Weunder classes: On Debt. Some local businesses offer a simplified loan or income share.

What percentage does Wefunder take

For payments made through ACH bank, wire transfer or check, Wefunder charges investors a 2% card processing fee, a minimum of $8 and a maximum of $100. For credit cards, Wefund charges a 3.5% fee, with the lowest being $8 and the highest being slightly more.

Does Wefunder require SSN

We need this because we need to provide tax documents such as a K-1 form for your business while the business you are investing in prepares distribution to investors (for where they were acquired). that we really need to attach your social security number. If we do not receive the SSN, your investment will be forfeited.

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By Vanessa