What is the very best investment?

High-yield savings accounts. A high-yield online savings account pays you interest on your cash balance.
Short-term certificates of deposit.
Short-term government bond funds.
Series I bonds.
Short-term corporate bond funds.
S&P 500 index funds.
Dividend stock funds.
Value stock funds.

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What is the very best investment

High yield savings accounts.
Certificates (CD)
Deposit of money market funds.
Government bonds.
corporate bonds.
Investment funds.
index fund.
Exchange installments (ETF)

What investment has the highest return

deposit certificates.
money market accounts.
Government bonds.
Inflation-linked government bonds.
municipal bonds.
corporate bonds.
S&P 500/ETF index fund.
dividend shares.

What is a good investment to make money fast

High yield savings accounts.
Short-term professional pension funds.
Money Market Facts.
Cash management accounts.
US Internal Revenue Service Short-Term Bond Fund.
Certificates of initial deposit without penalty.
Money Market Mutual Fund.

What are 5 Best investments

Inventory. Shares represent the percentage of ownership in a company or legal entity.
Term deposit Term deposit is the most suitable investment instrument for risk-averse investors.
Investment funds.
retirement savings plan.
Public reserve fund.
gold bonds.

What is the meaning of the phrase sent a shiver down my spine a feel very frightened B feel very excited c feel very relaxed D none of these

Hobbies. anxious or excited feeling : very frightened, his writing sends shivers up and down the spine. Every time I hear this music, I get goosebumps.

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How are plains formed very very very short answer

Answer: Formation of plains: Plains are usually formed by bodies of water and their tributaries. When the river comes down the mountain, this situation destroys the mountain. … Then the lagoonal deposits are relentless in their striving. The load consists of rocks, desert sand and silt.

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