What is a 1935 $1 silver certificate worth?
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Which silver certificates are worth money

Some of the rarest silver-certified dollars include the 1928C, 1928D, not to mention the 1928E versions. Tickets that fall into these categories can cost up to $5,000 if they are in good condition.

Is a 1957 silver certificate dollar worth anything

A worn 1957 $1 silver certificate that is not only valued against the PCGS note, but is free of rips, tears, or stains and can be described as generally worth around $1.50, which is worth $2 to you. Heavily worn 1957 $1 bills, such as those that appear torn, discolored, and/or have handwriting, are usually noteworthy.

What is a 1935 $1 silver certificate worth

Typically, 1 $35 Silver Certificate costs around $1.50. The reason for the low value is that billions have been printed for this billing method, they are very widespread. Meanwhile, $600 in circulation for packs of 100 silver certificates from 1935…

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How much is a $1 silver certificate worth today

Most of these $1935 Silver Certificates circulate in only minor condition close to their value. In very good condition, tickets sell for as little as $3.50. In uncirculated condition, some notes sell for as little as $12–$17.50.

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What is more valuable silver or sterling silver

Sterling Silver Compared to the Value of Silver Pure silver is slightly more expensive than sterling silver because it is actually a higher value. The metals used in sterling silver plating alloys have no value and preferably do not add to the overall cost of the metal. However, the price difference is small.

Are silver certificates still backed by silver

Silver certificates were issued in the United States between 1878 and 1964. It was professional money and the new circulation of paper money. … Since 1968 Silver Certificates can only be redeemed for Federal Reserve Notes and are therefore fundamentally obsolete, real certificates are still real tenders.

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