How much is a 1976 proof set worth?
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What is the value of a 1987 US proof set

1987 S U.S. Proof Set in original government packaging. Trademark: US Mint. Price: $9.70 Get fast and free Amazon shipping with Prime and FREE returns. Return the item real. Free returns are available by bank transfer to an address of your choice. You will return the item in new and unused condition for no reason: not for lifetime shipping charges.

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What is the most valuable proof set

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What is the value of 1984 United States proof set

This extended trial set included three standard coins plus a 1984 Olympic silver dollar. This set could cost US$59 and 316,680 units were available. The higher coins in this prestigious set may explain the significant reduction in circulation of the regular verification program, by about 400,000 compared to last year.

Are US proof sets worth anything

The 1970 proof sets contain at least two valuable proof forms, including a 1970-S Small Date Validation Lincoln Cent which is valued at around $35. Also in 1969, another stable Roosevelt No-S penny appeared. At the time of writing, an early 70s Roosevelt cent without S-Proof costs between $600 and $2,500.

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What is the value of a 1982 US proof set

They sold for $12 in 1982 and currently roam the resale market for $3.50. Therefore, buy this beautiful set for everyone separately or as a gift.

How much is a 1976 proof set worth

This three-piece set at least proves its weight in silver. The silver casting cost for this set is approximately $11.59. This melt cost is calculated using current silver prices of $21.54 per ounce. A 1976 silver set of three S coins in original government packaging costs about $27.

What is the value of a 1973 proof set

With Dollar the Coin, the market value of the set increased to $1.91 and the asking price associated with the increased set was $7. The higher price seemed to affect sales, with circulation dropping to 2,760,339. The packaging of the calibration kit had changed since around 1973.

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