What is the total market cap of gold?

The total market value of gold worldwide in 2018 amounted to nearly eight trillion U.S. dollars. Jewelry was the leading sector, accounting for 3.75 trillion U.S. dollars of the global market value of gold.

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How much gold is being traded

The world’s first benchmark futures contract for a fantastic trading equivalent of nearly 25 million ounces per day.

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What is the market cap of the world

Market capitalization of companies at current prices
The highest total market capitalization of a 3G base station in 2020 was estimated at $91,931,860 million.

What is the current selling price of gold

Stock feed provided SALES history. According to data provided by Barchart.com, the 100-day moving average for all companies remains at 19. At 85, the price revalued -2.85. Likewise Barrick Gold Corporation

What is the total market cap of gold

Gold market capitalization Estimated market capitalization $11:0.404 trillion. Previously, the market capitalization of gold was $11.404 trillion. This value was obtained when the current spending on gold ($1,795 at a time) was multiplied by the above global gold reserves.

What is the current price for gold

This week, gold prices reached a new eight-month high, helped by the prospect of renewed tensions between Russia and Ukraine. Gold is about to move into overbought territory on the daily chart, and yet

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What are the current gold prices

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