What are the 5 most expensive elements?

1. Californium. Californium is an element from the periodic table that the United State’s Department of Energy created
2. Indium. Indium is a rare metal that is so expensive that it is very important to save every bit of it. This will
3. Silver. Silver might be the most precious metal in the world but it is not

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What element is more expensive than gold

No, it’s part of the annual gross IT investment.
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Which is the most expensive metal on Earth

Five metals that are usually the most expensive and are mined by men and women. Rhodium. Often little known to non-specialists, rhodium is one of the hottest deals right now, shortly after price increases of more than 30% this year.
Palladium. Boyfriend Rhodium Palladium also did well in the Dieselgate scandal.
Gold Gold is one of the most versatile commodities.

What is the world’s most expensive object

Top 10 Most Expensive Unique Objects in the World International Space Station (Cost: $157 billion) Itaipu Dam (Cost: $27 billion) Three Gorges Dam (Cost: $25 billion) James Bay Project (Cost: $13 billion CVN-78 class large aircraft carrier (cost: $8 billion) Alaska pipeline per person (cost: $8 billion) Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant (cost: $7.2 billion) ITER Experimental Reactor Complex (cost: $6.5 billion dollars ) Other articles

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What are the 5 most expensive elements

Francium – about 1 billion per gram.
California – 25 million per gram.
Carbon $65,000 per gram.
Plutonium – 4000 grams each.
Scandium – $270 per gram.

Which element is most costly in the world

As of 2020, rhodium is the most expensive non-synthetic element in both mass and mass terms. It is acquired by cesium, iridium and palladium by mass, as well as iridium, gold and platinum by volume.

Which metal is very costly

Palladium is the most expensive of the four major precious metals mined, with gold, silver and platinum clearly different. It is less common than platinum and is used in large quantities in catalytic converters.

Is uranium expensive than gold

Enriched weapons-grade uranium, which together with uranium-235 makes up at least 93%, is much cheaper, but also more expensive than gold – about $100,000 per kilogram.

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