What are some synonyms of tarnish?
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What are some synonyms of tarnish

make an impact.

What is a tarnished reputation

Verb When you say that something tarnishes a person’s reputation or image, you mean that it causes people to have a lower opinion of consumers than they might otherwise deserve.

What is the nearest in meaning of tarnished

dizziness, flat, dull, dull. (also matte and / or maybe matte)

How to use tarnish in a sentence

In an incomprehensible phrase. 1) The case may tarnish the reputation of the prime minister who is most associated with it. 2) Gold does not tarnish easily. 3) Cutlery tarnishes due to humidity. 4) But she also spent time trying not to tarnish her track record as a candidate to host the 2008 Olympics. 5) Religious persecution will only tarnish the reputation of the mainstream church.

What is another word for tarnish

Synonyms for tarnished increase rusty, oxidized, rusted, oxidized, stained, corroded, discolored, discolored, marked, and stained. Find some more similar words through

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What is the definition of tarnish

vtr 6. Give a matte sheen; like discoloration due to exposure to air and dirt: old silver stored in the ground for so long has dulled. 2. a. Not to be too spoiled: tasteless food that overshadowed a pleasant evening. b. disgrace; defile: a controversy that damaged his reputation. v.vnutr. 5.

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Is tarnish an adjective

What is just an adjective to tarnish? for Included, followed below by the past participle and the predominant participle forms for the verb ternir, which can be used as adjectives in some contexts. Discolored or horribly dull. (figuratively reputation, your name or word) Spoiled or broken. Synonyms:

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