Is SSRM stock a buy?

SSR Mining, formerly Silver Standard Resources is a Denver based gold, silver, copper, lead and zinc producer that owns the largest silver mine in Argentina. In addition it engages in exploration activity throughout the America’s and Turkey. In 2020, SSR Mining merged with Alacer Gold. Wikipedia

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Is SSRM Mining’s merger of equals good for investors

SSR Mining announced a merger of equals, but investors did not seem to want the benefits to be made public. Request ssrm results for the period ending December.

Where can I buy shares of SSRM

Can ssrm shares can still be purchased through any online broker. Popular online brokers with access to the US exchange include WeBull, Vanguard Brokerage Services, TD E*TRADE, ameritrade, Robinhood, Fidelity and Charles Schwab. Compare the best brokers here.

What do analysts expect from SSR Mining’s stock’s price in 2019

6 analysts receive published annual target prices for SSR Mining shares. Their predictions range from $26.00 to $38.50. On average, they expect SSR Mining to reach $31.81 in the coming seasons.

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Is SSRM stock a buy

Consensus Below 6 Wall Street Analysts Covering Shares or Shares (NASDAQ:SSRM) refers to Strong Buy SSRM offerings.

Who owns SSR mining

Institutional investors own a controlling interest in SSRM up to 61.30% of the outstanding options they control. Interest has also become higher than almost any other company in the precious metals industry. In the most recent quarter, which ended in March 2019, these large investors made $2.1 trillion in net purchases.

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Is Ssrm a buy

Of the 6 analysts, 4 (66.67%) often recommend SSRM as a strong buy, 2 (33.33%) recommend SSRM as a buy, (0%) 0 consider SSRM a hold, (0%) recommend SSRM as a sell, and (0% ) 0 recommend SSRM as a strong selling tool. What should be SSRM’s revenue growth forecast for 2021-2023?

Why are open pit mining and strip mining both considered to be surface mining

Open pit mining, including private mining, open pit mining and mountaintop mining, is a broad category associated with mining in which the soil and natural rock covering the mineral deposit (tailings) are removed, as opposed to underground mining, in which the underlying rock remains in place, and the mineral gradually becomes…

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