What is the spot gold market?

Spot gold and silver trading is available 23 hours a day from 6pm ET Sunday through 5pm ET Friday. Trading is closed from 5pm to 6pm ET daily.

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What time does the gold market open and close

Unlike other commodities, the global gold market is a global market with 24/7 operation, which allows investors to trade gold on the global market at any time.

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What are the best hours to trade gold

To get the most out of XAU/USD, traders focus on the total number of active trading hours, which is justified by the high trading volume. The time of day when gold is probably most actively traded is from 15:00 to 23:00 (GMT+3). Traders should not ignore events that could cause large fluctuations in the price of gold.

What time is gold most active

Forex gold trading hours
Gold forex is a 12-hour market, but the largest trade size is usually during New York trading hours, i.e. between 15:00 and 22:00 (UTC). Trading gold or silver in the markets during peak periods provides higher liquidity and lower volatility, making them good safe haven targets.

What are the trading hours for Spot gold and silver

Gold and Silver Spot Market Hours Gold and silver spot trading is available 23 times a day from Sunday 6:00 pm to Friday 5:00 pm ET. Trading is closed from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm ET daily. Spot investing in gold and silver also follows the closing of CME opportunities.

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What is the spot gold market

Find gold. The spot zone is where professional traders buy and sell gold for more or less automatic settlement. Spot is not really a market; it doesn’t have its own location.

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