Are BBB reviews fake?
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Is SoFi trustworthy

Yes, SoFi is actually a legitimate business because SoFi is affiliated to operate in the locations it serves, which is a qualifying requirement for being a legitimate mortgage company. Another reason why SoFi fast personal loans are legal is that the lender must have a higher A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Who is SoFi owned by

Sofi Lending Corp. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Defendants of Social Finance, Inc. 3. Defendants sold, advertised, offered and launched a variety of related consumer loans, including loans designed to replace consumer student loans.

Is SoFi good for debt consolidation

Due to their potentially low cost and high borrowing thresholds, SoFi loans can be especially effective for debt consolidation. Borrowers can opt for an interest free SoFi payday loan with a low interest rate to pay off high interest, such as unsecured credit card debt, on a credit card.

How do I remove bad reviews from BBB

The only way to remove a negative customer from your BBB profile is to help you ask the customer to remove all of their reviews. They must use the same email address that was used to send the review and email correspondence to the BBB asking for their testimony to be removed.

How long do BBB reviews last

The Company is under no obligation to respond to and/or review all critical customer reviews. Q: How long does a reviewing client stay in a BBB business profile? A: Three years. This is the BBB’s normal disclosure period.

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Are BBB reviews fake

Are the BBB ratings reliable? In 2015, a CNNMoney monitoring report identified over 100 companies that were not as credible as their BBB A- or better ratings. … More tellingly, the registration showed that formal complaints filed with the BBB had little effect on the accredited examination of the class.

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