Why silver is the new gold?

Silver Could Be the New Gold With so much attention being garnered by the impressive growth of gold’s spot price, it can be easy to overlook gold’s sister metal – silver. This white metal has long been the protégé of gold, mimicking some of its older mentor’s characteristics, while still maintaining its own unique place.

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Will gold and silver go up 2022

The price of gold could reach around $2,100 per ounce at its current market price of $1,800 per ounce by the end of 2022. However, the price of silver will certainly hit $40 or roughly double today if certain conditions are met.

Why silver is the new gold

Most money experts have analyzed and argued that silver is the new gold because in recent years it has vastly outperformed the metal most commonly associated with royal metals, gold, and has maintained a solid spot as it securely holds gains for long periods. time.

Will silver be worth more than gold

Silver will favor gold even if the prices of these two precious metals rise sharply due to the collapse of the global economy and then the weakening of the US dollar.

Will silver ever surpass gold

Silver as soon as possible is rarer than gold, and maybe for eternity. From now on, we produce work only from the current production of silver, and from now on, demand must necessarily exceed production without exception.

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Does silver outperform gold in the future

On the finger, other silver coins can definitely outperform gold. Finally, money has a dual nature. Is it not only your monetary value, like all gold, but also an industrial commodity? This means that silver is more cyclically sensitive than gold for companies.

Should you invest in gold or silver now

“If you’re optimistic about gold’s future outlook, silver will offer you leverage at most price levels with relatively low risk,” said Peter Spina, CEO of information and analytics firm SilverSeek.com. “The risk-reward ratio in precious metals is one of the best opportunities of the decade.”

Will the silver price go up

Whether the price of silver rises will depend on the Federal Reserve’s policy on the rate of interest rate inflation, as well as the current strength of the US dollar. Supply and demand are also likely to be key drivers as they each recover from mining and industrial production disruptions during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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