Will silver hit $100 an ounce?
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What is 1oz silver worth


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Is Silver Going up or down

Investment banking professionals remain wary of silver’s views as the price falls below a certain $22 an ounce and interest rates rise.

Will silver hit $100 an ounce

If inflation rises steadily and hits the double digits of 20, a price of $100 an ounce of silver could be possible. Consider that experts were predicting an average inflation rate of nearly 5% in 2021, the highest since 2008.

Is silver a good investment now

Is silver a good investment now? For those who seek protection, absolutely. This is a new cheaper alternative to gold, and has most of the potential of this well-established safe haven. Whether it’s portfolio expansion or a direct hedge against inflation, silver is a smart investment in an energy climate.

Which current always less than rms current in sinusoidal wave 1 point RMS current average current effective current instantaneous current

So the last available average is always lower than our RMS current.

What would happen if we operate a 60 Hz transformer on 50 Hz source of supply and how can we do that Current will decrease so increase the current current will increase so decrease the current current will be same in both cases

If we each powered a 60 Hz transformer from a 60 Hz power supply, the current would be 44.14 A. However, if a reliable 60 Hz transformer were run from a 50 Hz power supply, the actual current would be 52 .94 A. Additional current in this case can lead to copper losses (P = I2R), as well as heat generation. This allows me and my wife to use a 60Hz transformer on a 50Hz AC mains.

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