What is the value of a Silver Maple Leaf?

The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is a silver bullion coin that is issued annually by the Government of Canada. It is produced by the Royal Canadian Mint.
The Silver Maple Leaf is legal tender. The face value is 5 Canadian dollars. The market value of the metal varies, depending on the spot price of silver. Wikipedia

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What is a Maple Leaf bullion coin

Maple Silver Leaf bullion coins are considered among the most secure bullion coins in the world. The Maple Leaf coins, first minted around 1988 and issued annually, contain 1 oz. beautiful silver. Minted as part of 9999 Silver, Fine, they are one of our finest silver dollar coins.

Why invest in Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins

Canadian Silver Maple Leaves are ideal for diversifying precious metals investment portfolios. In addition, as part of an exceptional series of coins, they are relatively easy to liquidate, further enhancing their appeal as a tangible real estate investment.

What is the value of a Silver Maple Leaf

The latest price for Canadian Leaf Maple from Silver Treasures is $28.31. The best benchmark for determining the price of Canadian Maple Leaf silver coins today is given above.

Are Silver Maple Leafs coins a good investment

Why Canadian maple leaves are an ideal investment Maple leaves are issued by the Government of Canada and are legal tender. They are usually worth around 5 Canadian dollars in coins – much more than an American eagle. However, these assets are primarily considered investments in Magic and are valued at market value.

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What is the value of Canadian Maple Leaf Coins

The current asking price for the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf is: $1,950.00*. Indeed, the best reference to today’s gold price uptrend for Canadian Maple Leaf coins is above.

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How much is a Canadian 1 ounce silver coin worth

Silver Maple Leaf 1 Canadian ounce 2019
SML is minted in one troy ounce. (31.11 grams) of 9999 precious silver and is valued at about $5.

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