Is SeedInvest secure?

Raised $1.5 million on SeedInvest in early 2014 and came back to raise $7.5 million on through Reg A+ two years later and $15 million in 2021.
The company secured the first $2.5 million of its Reg A+ round in just 24 hours from ~500 investors.
Investors include Mark Cuban, Hero Entertainment, and Leyard.

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Can you make money on SeedInvest

SeedInvest offers several seed investment opportunities for non-accredited traders and accredited investors (individuals with a listed net worth of at least $1 million, annual income of $200,000 and cumulative income of $300,000).

How much return do seed investors get

TLDR; Startup investors aim for a 100x return home; Series A investors need additional investment to earn 10-15 times more, and later investors aim for 3-5 times returns. This means that the portfolio returns 20% with a target internal rate of return of 35%.

Is SeedInvest secure

SeedInvest mainly works on an exchange model. Companies have direct access to recognized investors around the world as part of their plan. Due to SeedInvest returning to a rigorous screening process before granting access to its crowdfunding platform, only 1% of companies are still eligible to crowdfund in their stead.

What is the minimum investment in SeedInvest

Invest with a lower minimum
The minimum is $200 – 50 times less than a typical angel investment – and allows you to invest in more businesses than professionals.

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Can you make money on SeedInvest

SeedInvest offers many ITC investment opportunities for non-accredited stock traders and investors (those with at least $1 million net worth, $200,000 annual income, or $300,000 combined income).

Is SeedInvest a legitimate company

SeedInvest is a fully regulated broker, which means they have an additional amount of reviews for all the companies they display on their website. … You won’t get corporate disclosures, but you’ll get funds to fund cool bands and guaranteed income. NextSeed is free to invest.

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