What are SeedInvest fees?
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Is SeedInvest a legitimate company

SeedInvest mainly works on an exchange model. Through their corporate network, you have direct access to accredited lenders around the world. Due to SeedInvest’s rigorous screening process before signing up for its crowdfunding platform, just under 1% of companies are certified to fund their own website.

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Do people make money on SeedInvest

Invest in live startups
SeedInvest offers several seed investment opportunities to attract both non-accredited investors and accredited buyers (those with at least $1 million net worth, $200,000 annual income or $300,000 income threshold).

What are SeedInvest fees

The SeedInvest fee is also dependent on performance and must be paid at the end. These include a cash fee of just over 7.5% and a convertible bond or stock fee of 5%, both of which are carried over to principal through SeedInvest.

Do you need to be accredited for SeedInvest

While the public does not need to be a new accredited investor to invest through SeedInvest, we do need to verify your status. It also helps us personalize your business process. Once the verification is considered complete, you can unlock access to verified startups and start investing online.

Can you make money on SeedInvest

SeedInvest offers several investment assets to startups for non-accredited investors and accredited investors (individuals with at least $1 million net worth, $200,000 annual income, or $300,000 joint movement).

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Is SeedInvest a legitimate company

SeedInvest has been a fully regulated broker that performs additional due diligence on the companies it displays on the human platform. … You do not receive shares in companies, but you can provide the necessary funds for interesting companies and guaranteed profits. With NextSeed you can invest for free.

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