Is Scottsdale mint a reputable company?

Reviews of Scottsdale Mint. Scottsdale Mint has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and 4.5 out of 5 stars based on user reviews. The company has earned mostly good reviews from investors and collectors on other sites with accolades for competitive pricing and quality production.

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Is Scottsdale Mint a good brand

Overall, the Scottsdale Mint considers it to have a positive reputation, with customers reporting a healthy secondary coin, unlike the market for other coins. The site also scores highly for shipping, packaging, and shipping. The Scottsdale Mint is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, approximately 30 minutes from downtown Phoenix.

What bullion is available at Scottsdale Mint

The gold bars offered for sale at the Scottsdale Mint are some of the finest in the world. We also offer content from popular series such as American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leaves, Austrian Philharmonic, and patriotic silver cartridges such as Bald Eagles and Old Glory. All gold bars are 99.9% pure or improved.

What else does Scottsdale silver sell

In addition to the traditional minting of billions, Scottsdale Silver also sells silver coins and coins of its own brand. Do you already have an account? Sign in now by creating an account to be able to manage all your family savings.

Should you buy precious metals at Golden State Mint

In addition to buying hard-earned metals, the Golden State Mint has plenty of options if you still want to keep the coins or bars your entire family buys. For just a few dollars, anyone can find coin tubes, existing velvet pouches, sealed coin capsules, first aid kits, display cases, and tubes.

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Is Scottsdale mint a reputable company

scammer. Bandit. They keep your money on shipping and shipping for months before ordering.

Who owns Scottsdale Mint

– During his Thursday morning project, author and chairman of the Scottsdale Mint Josh Fair picked up a multi-pound gold bar and casually mentioned that it was “worth about $65,000” and slapped it around the room.

Is Scottsdale silver real

Each 1 oz silver bar is engraved with the iconic Scottsdale lion sign, as well as the mint’s cheerfulness, purity and serial number, all 100% verified by the Scottsdale Mint.

Are Scottsdale silver bars good

Scottsdale Mint Silver Stackers are like diamonds from a waterhole. They may have a tiny tarnish or a few scratches on them, but they are just as valuable and worth it, almost every detail is finished to perfection, and also comes with a unique series for anti-counterfeiting and storage purposes!

Where is the Scottsdale Mint

Scottsdale Peppermint is based in Arizona and was founded in 2009 by Josh Fair as a global producer of the highest quality silver bars and diamonds.

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Can you visit the Scottsdale Mint

We only work with manufacturing and distribution companies, in addition, orders are shipped for security reasons. There is no pickup, but we offer cheap or free shipping options. Unfortunately, while we’d like to offer rides to our customers, for some of us, that doesn’t work yet.

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