How high can rhodium prices go?
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What is rhodium and why is it so valuable

Sibanye Stillwater (2019 rhodium production, total 7%, 22% contribution to revenue)
Anglo Platinum (Rhodium production H12020, 7.5% total contribution to 34% revenue)
Impala Platinum (product H12020 Rhodium, 6.5% contribution to 25% total sales).

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Is rhodium a good investment

Rhodium has become an attractive investment option for people looking to hedge against economic distortions, especially when investing in rhodium in small amounts. In addition to physical bars or rounds, you can also invest in exchange-traded funds (ETFs), exploratory stocks, and futures/derivatives.

How high can rhodium prices go

The average amount of rhodium in the catalyst is about 1-2 grams and the average weight of the catalyst is about 1.2 kg or 2.2 pounds. Rhodium is very expensive, about $290 per gram, but the price will depend on the quality of the metal, it can be easily obtained from the primary processing of an old converter.

What is the current price of rhodium

The World Average Mineral Resource/Reserve may be 0.281 g/t Rh, with the expensive mineral having a Resource/Reserve Grade of 0.010 g/t and rh being the highest informed Mineral Resource/Reserve at 0.381 g/t (Source: hr S&P Global) . , 2020). In December, the price of rhodium is around $12,800 per ounce (Source: Kitco, 2021).

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Why is rhodium dropping in price

Overview of historical rhodium sales prices
Decreased vehicle productivity led to a reduction in the production of catalytic converters, which affected the demand for rhodium. As a result, prices have been rising since mid-May and as of September 16 fell to $11,250, the lowest level of 2021.

Is rhodium the most expensive metal

rhodium. Rhodium is considered the most expensive precious metal in the world. This extremely rare precious metal is defined as a good silvery white steel that is strong, resistant to corrosion, inert and lustrous.

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