What is a good happy retirement message?

Missing you already!
Have an amazing retirement!
The Countdown is Over – Happy Retirement
Time to relax
Retirement – Now the fun begins!
Now every day can be a weekend!
Good luck! We’ll miss you
Look forward to lie-ins again!
On to new adventures
Enjoy Your Retirement

Happy Retirement !
Have an Amazing Retirement !
Don’t Leave Us!
You’re Free…
Time to Relax!
Good Luck! We’ll Miss You!
The Fun Begins!
Now There is Time for Everything!

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What can be written on a retirement cake

Some hysterical retirement cake essay: no more Mondays!
You are free…
hello weekend forever
Free at Last – Handcuffed Cake
The one and only, the legend
Nice pension! The Great Escape – A cake with a (retired) prisoner escaping from a concentration camp cell.
(person’s name) Atonement
If you have to go, you have to go: bake a pot cake.
Nature is calling.

What are some nice retirement cake messages

Simply and sincerely To new adventures
Now, no doubt, the real fun begins.
Having fun is your new job
Retirement is the icing on the cake for those affected
We will miss you
Best wishes for a happy retirement
The adventure begins
retirement is sweet
[name], take the cake!
thank you for reminding
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What makes for a happy retirement

Find out in advance what you want to do in retirement.
Corollary #12 When you receive feedback from a husband, wife, or partner in general, you are open about what you both want from retirement and retirement.
Come up with a huge income retirement plan.
Make the decision to retire and then follow it through (if you can).
Stay healthy and get involved (if you can).

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What do you say on a cake for retirement

happy pensioner (name)
Goodbye tension, hello retirement.
Let the party begin
We will miss you, have fun.
Best wishes for a happy retirement.
Congratulations on your retirement. Wo
Retreat: every day Saturday.
Retirement makes life sweeter.

What are some good retirement quotes

“The bad thing about retirement is that you never have a day off.” – Abe Lemons.
“There’s never enough time to want nothing at all.” – Bill Waterson and Calvin Hobbs.Est
“Retirement is like a long vacation in Las Vegas.
“Better to be possessed by the rich than to die for the rich.” -Samuel Johnson.

What is a good happy retirement message

“Well done! You’ve worked so hard and deserve a little more rest in retirement.”
“Sending you happy retirement plans!” ”
“Best wishes for a carefree and peaceful retirement.”
“May someone have a long, happy and fulfilling retirement.”

What do you write on retirement Flowers

I send you loving wishes for a truly amazing retirement.
We will make you miss.
I wish you to do all the things that you love to do, as well as avoid things that you do not want to do in retirement.
Let someone make your retirement dream come true to help you as much as possible.
I wish you a great farewell, the best is yet to come.

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By Vanessa