Is red the strongest trainer Reddit?
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Did gold canonically beat Red

The first is what I call “lame”. In other words, you see what is happening like gold. The gold hits red-yellow, disappears, and the gold continues to explore Kanto and Johto.

Is red the strongest trainer Reddit

The most important information about the strongest trainer of all is information about who Cynthia is throwing in BW2. There, Cynthia mentions that from time to time champions of all stripes come together to determine the strongest c3300k champion.

Is gold stronger than red in Pokemon

No, currently Team Rocket Gold faces are weaker than red faces considering they don’t have Giovanni. Red still defeats Lance, Blue, and the Elite Four, and while he never depleted Johto Arenas, his in-game lineup could defeat any of their own in-game teams, which means he could very easily…

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Why was red at Mt silver Reddit

Summary: Most likely to be at Mount Silver, it really took three years for Red, due to the failure of Bill’s Entertainment Machine, to be able to express all of his Pokémon weaknesses and return to his own time. To Red’s pride, he wants a stronger trainer to control him, so Professor Oak sends your puppy up the mountain.

What is the meaning of Red vs gold

Red vs Gold dramatizes the situation of two of these respective video title characters in the climax of Pokemon Gold and Silver Version and Remake, Heart Gold and Soul Silver Version. This rap battle went on the air at the end of 2016 and a number of issues led to its release almost 2 years later. Ask us a question about a track

What is Reddit Gold and is it worth it

Reddit Gold is definitely a great equalizer given to threads, no matter if the topic is gruesome, touching, or hysterical. What really matters when considering gold is the quality of your post.

What is the difference between Reddit Gold and Community Awards

This original medal was a high-profile reward for another user for a quality post and also generated revenue for Reddit. When you earn Reddit Gold for posting, you get access to the premium, ad-free version of Reddit, which is subdivided into Reddit and Premium. The medal should normally be displayed next to your post. Community rewards are slightly different.

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