What year quarters are valuable?

On average, a quarter coin will fetch $6.00 in average condition and $42 in the certified mint state at an auction. At a pawn shop, the average value of a quarter coin is between $3 and $5. However, the Washington Quarters 1932 ‘S’ and ‘D’ are highly valued at more than $100 in any condition.

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What year quarters are valuable

1964 and earlier quarters are 90% silver and are worth many times their face value. Today’s high value antique silver coins are surprisingly large. Rare and unusual finds are typical for all designer series. The first quarters of the era, 1796 and the 1890s are all tight.

What quarters are worth money list

1932–1964 Washington neighborhood. 1940s Neighborhood of Washington.
1932-D Neighborhood of Washington. 1932-D Neighborhood of Washington.
1932-S Neighborhood of Washington. 1932-S Neighborhood of Washington.
19 districts of Washington.
2004-D Wisconsin Supplemental Quarters Sheet.
2005 Minnesota dies in two quarterfinals.

How much is a 1965 quarter worth in 2020

The most famous 1965 Clad quart, rated MS68, sold in July 2020 for over $1,300. The MS67+ sample was offered in July 2019 for $660. A 1965 Clad ms67 quart sold for $288 in March 2022.

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Are quarters after 1965 worth anything

An unknown minimum number of 1965 “Washington Blocks” with silver spikes escaped fiction. 1965 These silver coins are rare and valuable. Typical rates range from $6,000 to $10,000 depending on the state of the funds!

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What quarters are worth more than their face value

When trading began, the packages started at 99p, which apparently meant that he had already made a profit of almost 20 times his face value. But it managed to rise in price, especially since a few weeks later it was produced more than a hundred dollars more expensive.

What is the most valued quarter

Perhaps you are interested in the neighborhoods of Washington in 1965? Click here to see our list of post-1965 precious coins.
More information on mints, 1967 quarter errors? Click on the quarter value 1967.
Check out our list of the best quarters of 2020.

What years are the most valuable quarters

Top Seated Liberty Quarter 1872 CC Liberty – $60,500.
1858 S Liberty Seat $21,800.
1849 Freedom to sit – $18,200.
1872 S Liberty – $17,500 bid.
1852 O Liberty of Assisi – $17,000. FROM
1864 Seated Liberty – $14,500
1867 Seated Liberty – $14,000

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