Does Provident Metals sell fake silver?
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Is Provident metals a scam or a legit company

So is Provident Metals a thorn in the side? No, this is not a scam involving a reputable company, of course. They would never have matured in the profession in so many years (Creation: 2009). They also have a real address and a real consumer.

What kind of coins does Provident metals make

Provident also uses the Mint, which has released a wide range of limited edition round coins in gold, precious metals and copper, including the Egyptian Gods series and the Zombie Apocalyptic series. Provident Metals also sells its silver bars in various denominations bearing the Provident Metals logo.

Does Provident precious metals have a lien on Elemetal vault

While Provident Precious Metals, LLC is listed as a lien, the address simply doesn’t match Provident Metals’ address, which is usually Elemetal Refining and OPM, where Elemetal Vault is located. And we’ve heard that the Bank of Nova Scotia is raiding the nightclubs there. In practice, if the documents are well-formed, everything should be in order.

How can you tell real silver from fake

Laundering Test: Real silver tarnishes very quickly, while many of the metals commonly used in fakes don’t come close to that. So always put a drop of bleach on the piece and wait. If there is an instantaneous momentum, with the item tarnishing and then blackening, you may have real treasures of silver in your hands.

Can you buy fake silver

This is an illegal purchase of representative goods. Bringing it into the United States may result in civil or criminal liability. The purchase of legal counterfeit products supports activities such as money laundering and arms and drug trafficking. Remember, if this looks like stealing, it is.

What is counterfeit silver made of

Weigh. The fastest and easiest way to identify the most common counterfeit money is to weigh it. For example, most or all fake silver Chinese pandas have been found to be made of copper and weigh less than silver.

How can I test my precious metals at home

Take a coin or jewel and attach a strong magnet to the item. Slowly tilt your metal object to see if the magnet sticks to the object too often due to magnetic attraction, and also if it slides on our own base. When a metal attracts this magnet, you know that it is a mixture of alloys and not any particular precious metal.

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Does Provident Metals sell fake silver

With Provident, you don’t have to worry about buying a copy. You can count on us to sell you the business you know, every time!

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