Why is gold more expensive than platinum?
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Why is gold more expensive than platinum

Platinum can almost always be more expensive than white gold because it is twenty-nine times rarer and much less mined than gold. To be precise, 2700 tons of gold could be mined per year against 70 tons of platinum. Platinum is also often denser than gold.

Is gold still a good investment over platinum

Gold enjoys a good market share as an investment market. Platinum probably doesn’t have that much market share. History: People have been using coins to invest money for a long time and therefore easily trust this metal. Since .platinum.was.discovered.in.the.mid.18th.century.,.it.does.not.have.a.long.period.and.years.of.investment.compared to.most.

Should platinum be more expensive than gold

Throughout history, platinum has seemed to be more expensive than gold and is widely considered to be the more precious metal of the two. However, the situation has changed over the past decade: the cost of an ounce of gold is usually higher than the cost of platinum. Culturally, there is a hierarchy among precious metals, which is roughly expressed in personal material value.

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Is platinum costlier than gold

Platinum is too dense than gold (an equivalent platinum ring would be about 40% heavier than gold) and therefore more expensive. Another parameter that buyers need to be sure of is the purity of the steel.

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Is platinum price higher than gold

Platinum: Even though gold looks almost the same, it is more valuable than gold. The maximum price of platinum can be tied to its rarity and density, just as precious metals are often valued by weight.

Why is platinum cheaper than gold

While 1500 tons of gold are mined in 12 months, only 160 tons of the yellow metal are mined. Platinum is also denser than gold, so it is heavier. Because precious metals are valued by weight, jewelry has long been the most expensive way to purchase diamonds.

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