Is platinum worth investing in?
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Is platinum worth investing in

Platinum is similar to many commodities in that it usually moves inversely with the US dollar. Makes this investment in gold a way to profit from the adverse effects of a weak dollar. Without spending controls, the United States government generated large sums of money and deficits in the most efficient economy in the world.

Why is platinum so low

Why is the price of platinum so low? February, Paulette Feldman. According to some experts, a number of factors are now responsible for its decline and rise: high industrial demand, while talk about the popularity of diesel cars – platinum can be used as an automatic catalyst. Falling supply – due to regulatory issues in the counties and problems in South Africa in 2007 – and increased demand

Where is the best place to buy platinum

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What is the current price of platinum

platinum price today; Current Ask Price 34.79: Today’s High $34.79: Today’s Low $34.79: Today’s Change 0.00 (0.00%)

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What is the highest price platinum has ever been

What was the highest price for gold? The all-time high for platinum was $2,270 an ounce. It was reached in March 2008.

Why is platinum so inexpensive

Platinum stocks are limited, pushing up prices
With the cessation of mining in your world market for platinum, a shortage of production began. In other words, the demand for platinum exceeds the available supply of the precious metal.

Will platinum be worth more than gold

Platinum: Platinum looks almost the same, but is more valuable than gold. The high price of platinum is in many cases due to its rarity and density, as precious metals are always valued by weight.

How much does 1g of platinum cost


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