Why is platinum so cheap?
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How much does 1g of platinum cost


How platinum is cheaper than gold

There are more platinum mines in the world than gold mines. Only 160 tons of platinum can be mined annually, while about 2,000 tons of gold are mined. Given the rarity of platinum compared to gold, the price of stainless steel should be higher than that of gold.

Why is platinum so cheap

Platinum is in short supply, supply prices are rising
With the halt in production, there was a shortage of supply in a tight platinum market. In other words, the demand for silver exceeds the available supply associated with the precious metal. In the 2021 quarter, demand for each of our metals increased by 26%.

How much does platinum sell for

Platinum cards have an overall rating of 90 to 88. The higher the rating, the more coins you accumulate from a quick sale. You can use the specific table below to determine how much of your coins will be received when someone quickly sells your MUT 22 Platinum Card: 80 – 13,000 coins in total. 80 18000 total – Parts. 82 Total – 26,000 pcs.

What is the current price of platinum

platinum price today; Current price $34 0.79: today’s high $34.79: today’s low 34.79: today’s change $0.00 (0.00%)

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How much does platinum cost

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Is platinum worth more than gold

While platinum is generally worth more than gold, the concept is likely to depreciate in the short term. Recently, however, gold has become more expensive than platinum. Most knowledgeable would-be traders look at the price difference when comparing two metals to help you understand trends.

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