Where can I buy physical platinum at the lowest price?
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Where can I buy physical platinum at the lowest price

JM Bullion offers a wide range of high quality platinum physical products at the lowest prices in the industry. Check out our new selection at the links below. Please note that JM Bullion is generally the only major retailer offering FREE SHIPPING on all US orders.

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What is the spot price of platinum

The spot price with platinum is the price you pay for an ounce of platinum. The price of all Platinum products is the cash price plus the best markup added by sellers to cover their personal overheads.

What is platinum

What is platinum? Platinum is a dense and malleable metal, undoubtedly represented by the symbol Pt and atomic number 80. This metal is also ductile, resistant to corrosion, and at such a high melting point is very inactive. The specific name comes from the Spanish expression “platinum”, which means almost nothing of silver.

How does the price of platinum change

The amount of platinum can change every minute, depending on supply and demand, as well as the currency that the buyer uses to buy their jewelry. Currently, the spot price for 1 gram of platinum is .

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How much does 1g of platinum cost


Why is platinum so cheap

Platinum is in short supply, supply prices are rising
With the stoppage of production in the world market for platinum eagles, there was a shortage of supply in the United States. In other words, the demand for platinum may exceed the available supply of the precious metal. In the first half of 2021, the demand for the metal increased by 26%.

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