Where is PCGS coin grading located?
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Where is PCGS coin grading located

Newport Beach, CA Professional 92658
Coin Grading Service (PCGS) is your exclusive division of Collectors Universe, Inc., the leader in third-party authentication and grading services for high-quality collectibles, including rare coins, trading cards, banknotes, and signed memorabilia.

Where do I send my coins to get graded

The two most trusted currency rating companies are Florida-based NGC Sarasota and Newport Beach, California-based PCGS. These are the only two other companies that Coinappraiser.com uses to value cash.

How much does it cost for a coin to be graded

Coin valuation cost
Rating prices may differ depending on the maximum value of each coin. For example, modern parts, unfortunately limited to $300, cost between $17 and $22, depending on the company’s choice. Coins worth up to $10,000 can cost between $65 and $80.

How can I get my coins graded for free

PCGS Online Photograde can be free and provides detailed photos of 25 types of 19th and 20th century American coins up to 12 different stamps. A special application for PCGS Photograde Online for the Apple iPhone and Apple iPod touchTM is available as a free download from the Apple iTunes App Store.

Where is PCGS coin grading located

Andrew Place, st. Santa 150, Ana, CA 92705.

How do I send coins to PCGS grading

Wrap your gold coins in bubble wrap or foam to protect valuable coins in PCGS (please avoid fancy packaging). Place the pieces in a sheet of bubble wrap. Wrap the pieces carefully in bubble wrap. Secure them with bubble tape all over the place.

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How do I submit coins to PCGS for grading

Offers to PCGS for various coin shipping options can be made either (1) by joining the Collectors Club or (2) through a PCGS Authorized Reseller. Both will be judged on their own parts.

Which grading company is better NGC or PCGS

PCGS is considered the most respected rating service overall. Graded coins issued by PCGS tend to have an increased resale value. On the other hand, this means that NGC is a low-ranking company, it is still one of the best coin validators in my world, and people pay more for a slabbed NGC coin than for a non-slabbed coin.

What is a PCGS grading voucher

These free discount coupons are a great way to start collecting tickets and building collections funded by PCGS Alumni. They are considered to be represented by U.S. or world (non-U.S.) coins or banknotes, which may be at the Regular Standard or Regular Gold Service shield level.

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