Where is PCGS coin grading located?
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How much does it cost to grade a PCGS coin

The $25 per piece fee does need to accompany all applications through this authorization (Standard or Gold Shield). If your earnings are reduced, the terms of the PCGS Guarantee will apply and any fees and charges associated with the new Guarantee Deposit will be refunded. **Additional conditions fill out the application.

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How much does it cost to grade a coin

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Valuation prices usually vary depending on the maximum value of the coin. For example, modern coins with a maximum value of $300 cost between $17 and $22 depending on the company you choose. Coins worth up to $10,000 can cost between $65 and $80.

Is it worth getting a coin graded

In almost all situations, it is advantageous to have first-date coins in uncirculated condition that have been professionally assessed; especially when you have to give up a few pieces. This will help reduce the price you pay for each item when you factor in shipping costs and therefore insurance costs.

How much does it cost to get a coin certified and graded

Usually, the more valuable the coin, the more it costs to suffer. An evaluation of a regular $150 gold coin is worth $20. A rare $50,000 coin is worth $125. It is much better to have expensive rated coins than ordinary dollars.

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Where is PCGS coin grading located

Andrew Place, st. 150, Ana, Santa CA 92705.

How do I send coins to PCGS grading

Wrap your coins in bubble wrap or styrofoam to protect valuable coins on the way to PCGS (please don’t use fancy packaging). Place the pieces on a sheet of aluminum foil. Wrap the pieces carefully in bubble wrap. Secure the bubble tape in place.

How do I submit coins to PCGS for grading

PCGS offers two different ways to claim winnings: (1) by joining the Collectors Club or (2) through an authorized PCGS dealer. Both will produce your ranked coins.

What is a PCGS grading voucher

These free certification vouchers are a great way to start collecting PCGS certified cash and accounts. You are allowed to send U.S. or international (non-U.S.) coins or banknotes that meet the Regular Standard or Regular Gold Shield service level.

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