What is CoinFacts?
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What is CoinFacts

PCGS CoinFacts is a detailed online encyclopedia of US coins. As the most comprehensive U for.S. The online coin service CoinFacts is the leading educational resource for collectors on buying, selling and receiving coins.

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What magnification does PCGS use

Any savvy collector knows enough to pick up silver and manage it at a premium. I also generally recommend that when you’re looking specifically at coins, you use some sort of 5x or 10x magnifying glass if you’re doing a general assessment, and the newer 20x magnifying glass if you’re focusing on a specific feature. like a mintmark.

Which is more valuable NGC or PCGS

PCGS is considered the most famous rating service. Coins rated by PCGS usually have a higher resale value. This does not guarantee that NGC is a low rated company, it is still among the best coin validators in the world and people charge more for a slabbed NGC coin than for a non slabbed coin.

Is there an app to see how much a coin is worth

The Professional Coin Grading Service (www.PCGS.com) has always made it easy to determine the current value of US coins with the new PCGS Price Guide app. It is available for free from Apple’s SM App Store (www.itunes.com/apps/PriceGuide) and can be used effectively with any iPhone®, iPad®, aka iPod®.

Which is better NGC or PCGS

Both Professional Coin Grading Services (PCGS) and Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) have been rated “Superior” by the Fact-Based Professional Coin Grading Guild. … ANACS graded coins are generally available at lower premiums than PCGS NGC graded or graded coins.

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What’s the difference between PCGS and NGC

These are two of the most well-known and respected independent coin valuation companies in the US. All low cost parts like PCGS MS70 or NGC MS70 are in excellent condition; However, PCGS MS70 parts have already been certified by Professional, this parts classification service, while NGC MS70 parts have received just that…

Does PCGS grade ancient coins

True, at the moment PCGS does not offer elementary old currencies, but these services have tried a lot in terms of “improving” other currencies. … smoothing, retooling, and even possibly adding mint marks has become a good practice, common when it increases the cost of a part significantly.

Where is PCGS coin grading located

Andrew Place, st. 150 Santa Ca Ana, 92705.

Which is better PCGS or NGC

PCGS is a bit older than NGC, PCGS has been in operation since almost 1985. Although some collectors prefer NGC-certified coins, many of them are opposed to PCGS. Today, pcgs is used as one of the most trusted coin grading services in the world.

Why are PCGS graded coins more expensive than NGC coins

I have seen posts from ATS saying that the reason why PCGS has a premium NGC is simply because of the exclusive PCGS roster, and regarding the recent announcement, the cost of NGC funds will increase as the NGC roster becomes exclusive as well.

How much does it cost to get coins graded by PCGS

PCGS Collector Services & FeesSERVICE 2021 (no gold, levelpricewalkthrough$150express$65regular$38economic Non-Hammered) (World Behavior and Chinese Portrait/Dragon/Fantasy Dollars sometimes need to be sent at regular service tier or higher.) $2218 filas más

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How do I send coins to PCGS grading

Pack your coins using bubble wrap or styrofoam to squeeze valuable coins in on the way to PCGS (please don’t use unprecedented packaging). Place the pieces on the bubble mattress. Wrap the pieces carefully with percolating film. Glue securely, I would say place bubble wrap.

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