How to sell rhodium?
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Does rhodium have a future

Rhodium is expected to trade at 24,122 at $0.40 per tonne ounce. by the end of this quarter, according to Trading Global Economics macroeconomic models and government expectations. Looking ahead, we value the software at 27181.12 over 12 months.

Why is rhodium price dropping

Overview of historical rhodium valuations
The declining performance of automobiles has resulted in fewer catalytic converters available, which weigh down the rhodium when needed. As a result, prices have been falling since mid-May, bringing the market down to $11,250 on September 16, the lowest level in 2021.

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What is the highest price rhodium has ever been

Since the start of 2022, rhodium prices have risen from $14,250 per ounce per day. January at $17,500 an ounce on January 11 is the highest level since September 2021.

Who is buying rhodium

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Is rhodium a precious metal

palladium and rhodium and is heavily dependent on imports. Recycling end-of-life materials such as popular automotive catalysts to recover PGMs creates a circular economy. Precious metals are used to produce the latest products for the automotive and pharmaceutical industries.

Where can you buy rhodium

Most likely, you will buy Midas rhodium bars from Gold Group. As with all personal transactions, your rhodium purchase is public, private, secure, and tax free. Rhodium of the Southern Dragon of Tuvalu – the world’s first legal rhodium coin; when first issued in 1000 pieces, they are extremely rare and valuable!

How to sell rhodium

How to sell us rhodium: AU Precious Metals has made it easy for you to bring rhodium to market. You, whether you are an individual or a company; we make sure everything goes well. STEP 1: Call (248-833-6133) or email us to speak with one of our friendly people about your equipment.

How do I sell gold to Kitco

How do I sell my own bars, personal bars or bars to Kitco? Confirm that the bulk of the product you want to sell is a box or bar pack to create your Go packaging.

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