Is Kingdom trust a qualified custodian?
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Did you know that Kingdom Trust has stopped calling

Kingdom Trust proposes to stop all telephone conversations with its customers, except for a predetermined time and only for thirteen minutes. We didn’t get any notifications about one of them and found out just by using an email from their billing department today announcing a nice billing change from annual to monthly starting January 2022.

Is Kingdom Trust Company a custodian

The Kingdom Company Trust acts as the bona fide custodian and non-fiduciary head of the trust. The company offers custody solutions for investors, investment sponsors, family businesses, consulting firms and brokers. Kingdom Trust clients are served in the state of Kentucky. NO.

Does Kingdom trust work with “store-at-home” metals

Although not universally recommended, the Kingdom Trust works with some people who “keep home” precious metals. When properly structured, these accounts comply with IRS rules, but Kingdom Trust recommends that clients consult with a tax professional before making their next investment.

How do I contact kingdom trust

Learn more.

Is Kingdom Trust insured

Kingdom Trust pocket money, which is usually held for the benefit of clients, is usually held in financial institutions that are subject to the FDIC. FDIC insurance covers up to $250,000 per account and only applies to cash deposits.

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Is Kingdom trust a qualified custodian

The Kingdom Trust is a qualified independent professional depository regulated by the South Dakota Banking Authority. We feature unique and innovative storage options for individual investors, investment sponsors, friendly offices, brokerage advisory firms and a range of other investment platforms.

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