How to test your gold at home?
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What happens if you put bleach on gold

Both cause a natural organic reaction that destroys alloys throughout the jewelry period. (Almost all gold in jewelry is alloyed because pure gold is too soft.) A study found that a second 14k white gold ring could be placed in household bleach for up to 36 hours longer, and the ring would completely weaken!

Can u use bleach to test gold

Hunt for real gold, use flash. This is unlikely to destroy real jewelry gold, but will certainly ruin fake jewelry gold. Although bleach is very similar to nitric acid, the once-daily test is not as reliable. It can verify the authenticity of your gold, but this method goes beyond how it can be described.

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What is the easiest way to test gold

Test gold with Float the Test
Take a bowl and a glass, fill it with flux, now bring the gold that the person wants to try. Put it down so it becomes a filled glass. If an unusual metal floats, it is certainly not 100% pure, but if gold sinks, leave it on the edge of the pot where it will be pure gold. Incredible gold will drop in value as it becomes a heavy metal.

Does gold get ruined in bleach

At maximum levels such as pure bleach, pool water is so reactive that 14k gold or silver jewelry left in pure bleach for 24 hours will be damaged beyond repair; in extreme cases, the gold dissolves! NEVER SOAK JEWELERY IN BLEACH!

How to test your gold at home

Pour white vinegar over the top. White vinegar tends to be the most acidic vinegar, so keep in mind that it’s best for hard gold.
Clean the gold with a useless or dirt-repellent cloth.
Use an eyedropper to add a second or three drops of vinegar after your gold.
Let the vinegar soak in for 15 minutes.

How to test gold with vinegar

Get a large, clean pot or bowl.
Pour in some apple cider vinegar.
Put your entire gold coin under suspicion.
Another way is to help you put the gold coin into the glass bowl.

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