How do I submit to ngngc?

Open the document in the full-fledged online editing tool by clicking Get form.
Fill out the requested boxes which are yellow-colored.
Click the green arrow with the inscription Next to move on from one field to another.
Go to the e-autograph tool to add an electronic signature to the template.
Insert the date.
Double-check the entire document to make sure you have not skipped anything.
Press Done and save the resulting form.

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How do you submit coins to NGC

Materials are files available online at or advertisements in an on-demand format. If you have ongoing questions about completing the submission form or would like to receive the submission form by mail, please contact NGC Customer Service at 1-800-NGC-COIN (642-2646) and/or possibly 1-941 . -360-3990.

Where can I send NGC submissions

ngc recommends that parts be shipped by registered insured mail from the US Postal Service or FedEx. If you choose this method, you will need personal insurance and a FedEx account number. Remember that you can ship multiple distributions together in one shipping box if the parts are properly described.

Can you drop off coins to NGC

Can I leave my documents at your office? NGC allows NGC Collector members to submit materials by mail or alone at exhibitions. NGC Collector members cannot contribute coins to any of these offices. Authorized NGC Dealers can drop off their parts at our location when they have an appointment.

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Can I submit to NGC UK 24/7

You can submit comics and register your order 24/7 if you are normally a paid member of NGC of UK. Member education provides resources, CGC, CCS, NGC, NCS and/or PMG submission benefits, inclusion in an active online community, and more. Choose the detailed membership that suits you.

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How do I submit to ngngc

NGC also offers a variety of add-ons as a service, as well as professional conservation through Numismatic Conservation Services (NCS). Submission forms can be completed by downloading a fillable PDF file or by completing the form online. Detailed submission instructions are below.

What kind of images can I submit to the NGC

High-resolution front and back JPGs, and side-by-side JPGs courtesy of the NGC logo and NGC distribution number. Will be sent to you by email. Not available for on-site service. Learn more.

How do I submit a coin to the NGC

Submit parts that require double thickness supports on a separate submission form. Any part larger than 45mm or thicker than 9mm will contain an oversized NGC bracket. Oversized parts must be submitted on each individual form. There are three types of NGC holders.

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