How to recover gold from computer motherboard?

Place your circuit boards in a glass vessel. In another container, mix two parts hydrochloric acid and one part weak hydrogen peroxide (a concentration of three per cent). Pour this mixture over the circuit boards so they are completely submerged.

Get protective gear. Be sure to wear a face mask, safety glasses, and industrial gloves to avoid breathing in the fumes released by the burning plastic.
Get a metal bin or tray, and put the circuit boards into it. Break the boards into smaller pieces so they burn faster.
Light the boards on fire.
Put out the fire.

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How do you remove gold from circuit boards without chemicals

In the meantime, read on, use the salt and white wine vinegar method. To begin, place the sea salt in a glass, add the vinegar at the same time and stir until some of the salt has dissolved. And acetic salt online forms a powerful but non-caustic magic formula needed to engrave small particles of gold into computer segments.

How do you separate gold from electronics

There are two standard methods for recovering gold from e-waste: burning gold at high temperatures, which is energy intensive, expensive, and releases toxic gasoline.

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Is it worth extracting gold from electronics

If your goal is to funnel the gold of large-scale data recovery electronics, then yes, it’s definitely worth it. However, if it’s a small gold mine, you’ll make a meager profit. The process of actually separating gold from electronics and eliminating gold is not a walk in the new park.

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How to recover gold from computer motherboard

The motherboards are equipped with BGA, QFP and PLCC chips, all of which contain a fair amount of gold and some silver. Now let’s talk about recovery. One gold mining method cannot be used to mine gold by all parts of the computer.

Do motherboards have gold in them

Older, high-end motherboards (such as those most commonly found in racks, telecommunications equipment, or military test equipment) have gold in their records and components. Motherboards are the most valuable parts of some PCs. The main memory of the processor is connected to the motherboard. They also store precious metals.

How do you remove gold plating from circuit boards

Removal of gold with nitric acid Purchase protective equipment. Buy concentrated nitric acid. Replace printed circuit boards with glass containers. Pour concentrated nitric acid into the glass tube with boards. Stir our mixture with a glass rod until the contents become liquid. Drain the nitric acid from the mixture.

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