How much is a 2004 1803 nickel worth?

Commemorative issueBicentenary of Louisiana Purchase 1803-2003ObverseThe portrait in left profile of Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd President of the United States

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What’s the value of a 2004 nickel

The estimated value of the 2004-P Jefferson US Coin Book (a variation of the World Nickel Medals) is $0.28 – $0.85 or coin in uncirculated (MS+) condition. Click here to learn how to use coin price charts. Also click here to learn more about coin valuation.

How much is a 2004 1803 nickel worth

How much is a 2004 Louisiana Purchase nickel really worth? Estimated Book Value of US 2004-D Jefferson Nickel (Peace Medal) Coin Book valued at $0.27 to $0.82 or more in new (MS+) condition.

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What is the Louisiana Purchase nickel

The Louisiana Purchase/Peace Medal Nickel is the first of four episodes in the series. The obverse features the portrait of Thomas Jefferson anticipated by Felix Schlag, which has been used on coins since 1938. The reverse features points of sale and shows the reverse image associated with the original Jefferson Peace Medal designed by Reich John in 1801.

What is a 2004 Lewis and Clark nickel

I would say that Jefferson’s 20 nickel contained four different plans to celebrate the bicentenary of the Louisiana Man Purchase and the Lewis and even Clark expedition. The images commemorate the historic expedition to this Louisiana territory. The series was qualified by Public Law 108-15.

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Did the Louisiana Purchase include Louisiana

The territory acquired included what is now Arkansas, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska, parts of Minnesota and Louisiana west of the Mississippi River, including New Orleans, large swaths of northern and northeastern New Mexico, South Dakota, northern Texas , some territories of Wyoming, Montana and Colorado are almost the same …

Why was Louisiana’s population booming immediately after the Louisiana Purchase

Louisiana’s population prospered immediately after the Louisiana Purchase, mainly due to the introduction of railroads and steamboats, and an increase in population due to the wealth of immigrant land in the region. In fact, the Mississippi River was also a major factor in the increase in shootings and job opportunities.

For what two reasons did Thomas Jefferson want to buy the Louisiana Territory How did the Louisiana Purchase signify a victory and a defeat for Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson claimed he could avoid war by offering to buy New Orleans, and so Jefferson also received a large territory stretching from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains. The purchase turned out to be a major victory for the plan, as the territory was doubled and the US only had to pay 15 million.

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