How much did the plates of the plates weigh?

“The golden plates were gold.” Physical descriptions of the plates by eyewitnesses are consistent with roughly 6x6x8 in. and a weight of 40-60 pounds. A 6x6x8 in. block of pure gold would weigh more than 200 pounds. The thickness of the individual plates were described as being between 1/8 in. and common tin.

According to Smith’s one-time-friend Willard Chase, Smith told him in 1827 that the plates weighed between 40 and 60 pounds (18–27 kg), most likely the latter. Smith’s father Joseph Smith, Sr., who was one of the Eight Witnesses, reportedly weighed them and said in 1830 that they “weighed thirty pounds” (14 kg).

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How much did the plates of the plates weigh

Contemporaries, including some of Smith’s, assumed that the plates weighed 75 pounds, while others claimed to have gained 30 pounds (2). According to Smith himself, the plates were “six inches long, wide and eight inches, well, not quite as thick as normal sheet metal” and that “the volume could be about six inches thick. already sealed.” (3).

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How much does a 100g of gold weigh

100 grams of gold is maybe 0.1 kg, maybe 3.527 ounces, which is roughly equivalent to an extra charge of a mobile phone. Within the grapefruit weight range, it should be the largest of the medium-sized bars. 10 troy ounces is comparable to 10.971 ounces or 0.685 pounds.

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How much does the world’s largest gold bar weigh

The world’s largest coin bar weighs 250 kg (551 lb) and measures 45.5 cm × 22.5 cm, 17 cm high at the base with a 5 degree dew angle (equivalent to 15,730 cc or 17.9 in × 8 .9 to × 6.7). 1062.04 How many inches³) does a standard gold bar weigh?

What happened to the Mormon golden plates

The angels of Moroni confirmed to Joseph Smith where he could find the new gold plate. They were buried on Cumorah Hill. Four years later, five to ten years later, Joseph and his wife Emma rode a cart to get the special plates.

Are gold plates real gold

William Smith also said that the plates were “a mixture of gold and copper” – the same mixture that Putnam found was used by the ancient Americans. Putnam calculated that any meal plan could be. .10 .in. thick .(medium .copy .paper .usually .five times thinner .or .about ..004 inch thick).

What were the golden plates made of

What are the plates made of? Neither Joseph nor any witnesses associated with him said that the historical records were made from massive antique clocks. They also did not use the “plates of gold” period of “plates or in gold”. All Joseph said was that the companies had a “look of gold.”

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